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AUTOsist now provides the perfect way to track vehicle maintenance, important records and fuel.

When Zorrane Abdeali wanted to sell one of his cars, he didn’t anticipate the amount of digging and finding paperwork he would have to do. The potential buyer wanted to see the car’s maintenance history before traveling all the way to Zorrane’s state to see it. Needless to say, it was quite laborious. Zorrane proceeded to gather up all of the maintenance receipts, including all repairs, tune ups, oil changes and other records. After gathering all of the important paperwork, he had to scan and submit them to the potential buyer who lived out of state. Upon receiving all of the maintenance and car information, the detail of the records made the potential buyer ready to purchase the car even without looking at it. This one experience was the genesis of Zorrane’s creation, AUTOsist.  AUTOsist was created with this idea in mind; offering small to large fleets and companies an affordable solution to boost their efficiency.

Zorrane Abdeali

Using AUTOsist, fleet managers will now have a perfect way of tracking vehicle maintenance, important records, and fuel through mobile applications for both Android and iOS. Together with its web portal, accessible via any desktop, the AUTOsist app is a unique cloud-based advanced system that allows the user to easily store and log highly important documents and receipts, as well as other critical information. A web desktop portal and app for iOS and Android devices means you can sync it across different devices for convenience.


1. Store Maintenance, Gas, and other Receipts: AUTOsist has a dedicated area for easier tracking of gas receipts wherever you fill up. Simply attach the gas receipts including monitoring MPG. Streamline your paperwork by storing any type of receipt or document by taking a picture from your mobile device or attach it via your computer.

2. Reminders: Tracking custom notes and maintenance is easy with the app’s dedicated areas. As a user, you can actually set reminders sent through email and push notifications while viewing recommended maintenance as well as odometer recalls and time intervals.

3. Fleet Tools: AUTOsist app allows fleet managers to measure various metrics such as MPG and spending analysis. The data can also be exported via Excel for better customization. Quick access to important information is easier in the app via highly advanced sort and search tools. Sharing data is also very simple through export and email options.

4. Can Assign Drivers with Privileges: The app allows a fleet manager to assign vehicles to various drivers and set a number of privacy and user level controls. At the end of the day, the fleet company will increase efficiency while lowering operating costs.

5. Highly Recommended App: AUTOsist shows Zorrane’s passion in both technology and cars and makes it easy for fleet managers to boost efficiency. The app is run by a small team located in Mission Viejo, California primarily used across the USA by thousands of users globally as well. The ease of use and practical functionality make the affordable tool much cheaper than competitors according to LifeHackerOverdrive MagazineAutomoblog and CCJ Digital among other reviewers, who’ve termed it as the tool that helps fleet managers and car owners to “eliminate guesswork” while tracking their critical vehicle records. AndroidAppsReview praises the app for its “cleanness and simplicity” that makes it stand out among competitors particularly in data filing system, overall layout and ease of sharing data. AppsMirror considers AUTOsist an “extremely useful” tool that will add value to your vehicle and make maintenance a very simple job.

To see a video demo, click here.

“Our goal is to provide a simple and affordable solution for consumers and businesses to easily keep track of their vehicles,” says AUTOsist’s founder Zorrane Abdeali. This is a full software system that syncs with the app and comes highly recommended to increase your company’s productivity. To learn more information about AUTOsist, visit

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